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Dec 23, 2018

As an 8 year old bungee cord to your grandfather back seat...your almost guaranteed to ride motorcycles as you grow up! Skylar Burns talks about how he got into riding, and the awesome friendships as well as good and scary times that came with it...

Dec 17, 2018

Some lessons we learn the hard way... For speed racer Dakota, it's not about the fall, its about crawling back up the hill! Especially when your 30 feet down and your bike is a Christmas ornament on a pine tree off of the highway...  

Dec 3, 2018

Mason talkes about his badass bike and all the goodies he's put on it this far... You can check out his bike on his IG @maselordfilthdog and learn about the many HD models on the Harley-Davidson of Sacramento FB page.

Nov 24, 2018

Listen first hand what it's like to ride with a whopping 125cc between your legs! The Grom is an underestimated motorcycle that can do it all...(kinda)

"Enjoy life get a GROM!!!"  

Nov 7, 2018

Chris Lange, founder of talks with me about how it all started. 

Six O Reflective decals allow you to put your own personal expression while increasing visibility.  The DOT certified 3M conformable retro-reflective material works on helmets, fenders and tanks, and flat or curved surfaces.

Be Seen, Be...