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Jul 16, 2019

What to do Before, During, and After motorcycle training? How to get the most out of your class in 3 easy steps.  

  1. Pre class : After you received the confirmation on your enrollment 
  • Study the material 
  • Call if you have questions 
  • Know where your meeting on day one
  • Visit the dealership 
  • Get on the jumpstarts 
  1. During: Ask questions!
  • Drop the ego, you made the investment in being there 
  • Be a sponge soak up the information 
  • If you don’t understand something, ask the question. Most likely someone else has a similar question
  • Take notes
  • Take more notes 
  • Ask questions 
  1. Post class: Finish it! 
  • Go to dmv, take the written test and make it official!  
  • Most likely the instructors have given you a way to keep in contact for future questions 
  • Buy a motorcycle / talk to other motorcyclist 
  • Perishable skill  
  • Go and ride!